About Us

Aurelius Talent Solutions (ATS) provides military veterans with collegeand career planning services. Our mission is to give you, the veteran, theinformation, training, and resources you need to succeed in your transitionfrom military service to the civilian workforce. Unlike other military andveteran employment websites, ATS was founded by military veterans and theirfamilies to support the men and women who fight for our freedom. As formerservice members and avid patriots, our founders believe that every veteranshould have access to opportunities, resources, and benefits that lead torewarding careers.

Like Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor, scholar, and military leaderwho used his intellect to inspire others, our veterans have the talent,experience, and leadership skills to transform businesses and revitalize oureconomy. More than 21 million veterans have successfully transitioned tocivilian life, and we are ready to provide the next generation of servicemembers with the training and technical skills to help them reach their fullpotential.

Whether you’re looking to pursue higher education, start a smallbusiness, find the best jobs for veterans, or improve your professional skillset, we want to help you discover your best post-military life.